Alkauser: A Paradise for Kakori Kababs

My earliest memory of Alkauser is when we visited the joint in Kautilya Marg when I was a student. Alkauser was a just a kiosk near Assam Bhawan and there was no seating and one had to eat standing or keep the plates on the bonnet of the car and enjoy your kababs. Since then, I have been eating at Alkauser for almost three decades. I have tried their various outlets, some them extinct (fortunately the one in Kautilya Marg still survives).

A couple of months back, my sister was visiting India and the only restaurant she wanted to visit was Alkauser – for their Kakori kababs. We decided to drive down to Alkauser in RK Puram which has a decent seating arrangement.

Alkauser usually means abundance. But in Quran, Al-Kauser wss the name given to the fountain in Jannah (Paradise). Now, I am not sure this is the reason for the restaurant’s name. What I am sure of is that they serve great Kakori Kababs. And that is what we ordered.

We started off with a dozen of Kakori’s and Rumali Rotis served with onion slices, green chutney and lemon wedges. These Kakori Kabab’s are amazing and they literally melt in the mouth. They are so soft, that they cannot be picked up even with a fork. The best way to eat them is to use your fingers. Alkauser has been consistent in the way these kababs are made.

We then ordered half a portion Afghani Chicken, Dal Makhani, Kadai Chicken, Butter Naan, more Rumalis and Varqui Parantha. The Varqui Parantha was little oily, as if it was deep fried. It was crispy, flaky and tasty. Rest of the dishes are not even worth mentioning in front of their signature dish – the Kakori kababs.

Just stick to Kakori Kababs and a can of your favourite soda. You will never regret it!


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