Chili’s: A Shortcut to Mexico

Last weekend, I had lunch in this newly-opened restaurant in DLF Mall of India in Noida. I have visited their outlet in Saket afew times and this restaurant in Noida is also spacious and with nice rich decor.

We ordered a Grilled Chicken Salad which is new on the menu. Apart from the grilled chicken, this salad had Pico de Gallo (salsa fresca), green bell peppers, corn and black bean salsa and a honey-lime vinaigrette with other leafy greens. We also ordered lemonade to quench our thirst (the bar is not yet open here. I was informed that it is going to take a few weeks more to get the necessary permit). The salad was good.

hWe then ordered a Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Fajita. In about 15 minutes the dish was served on our table. The fajita had grilled chicken and shrimps on a bed of sliced bell peppers, caramelised onions topped with chipotle garlic butter and chopped cilantro. I only wish they had more veggies in this dish.

i These were served with warm tortillas (three in number) with mixed guacamole, pickled onion and jalapeno relish, cumin lime sour cream, house made Pico de Gallo and fresh salsa. The tortillas were soft as promised and excellent with the shrimps and dips. This dish was superb!

l.jpgA trip to Chili’s is never complete without tasting their desserts. So we ordered a Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie. This dish was pure sin. The pie had a chewy bar of chocolate chips and walnuts with Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and caramel. It was a great dessert to round off your lunch!

Chili’s hold great promise for food lovers in Noida and I would highly recommend this place for everyone with a 4.5/5!


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