Hibachi: Refreshing!

This Pan-Asian restaurant in Hotel Icon in Sector 8A is definitely one of the best eateries in Chandigarh. I was fortunate enough to try the food from this restaurant, since I was staying in Hotel Icon. However, my review pertains to the first meal I had in this restaurant.

Soup 1We ordered a Mongolian Wonton Soup, which was beautifully presented. The soup, divided in to two portions, was a clear soup flavoured with Bok Choy and Shitake mushrooms with juicy wontons. There was a additional portion of crispy fried garlic to flavour the soup and a bread stick. I liked this idea. With a hint of vinegar, the soup was a clear winner.

Nasi GorengThe Nasi Goreng we ordered, came in a platter with fried rice loaded with shrimps topped with a fried egg (elur ceplok/telur mata sapi), two sticks chicken satay and fresh cucumber, tomato and onion slices. Though, it was far from authentic, the taste was intact and acceptable. The chicken satay with its smoky flavour was succulent and I wish, I had more of it. I wish there some crackers, sambal and fried shallots to add to the flavour.

FishThe third dish we ordered was Singapore Chilli Fish. This was sauteed braised fish (sole) tossed in Singapore chilli sauce. I quite liked this dish, because it had no hint of sweetness as they normally do in elsewhere. The fish was crispy and moist and one could even have it as a starter.

Jasmine TeaWe rounded off the meal with generous portions of Jasmine Tea, which was piping hot.

The chef was kind enough to visit our table and ask our opinion about food. The service and ambiance was good. I liked the interior, which was rather minimal. Worth mentioning here is the furniture in the restaurant, which reminds you of the French-Swiss architect cum painter Le Corbusier who also designed this lovely city – Chandigarh!


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