Sizzl: Highway Halt

One can find Sizzl bang opposite Cosmo Plaza on the Chandigarh-Ambala Highway. Though this is a standalone restaurant, this joint has an interesting menu, which has North Indian. Chinese, Pizza and Sizzlers. But do not be under the impression that this one is a me too restaurant like many others which has sprung up in most of the metros.

The restaurant interior was interesting with exposed brick and lots of food quotes displayed in an aesthetic manner. At one end of the dining was the open kitchen. The furniture was functional and simple and the colour of the upholstery was in sync with the brick colour. I wish they had comfortable sofas to recline after a long drive. The crockery again was tastefully selected to match the interior.

Since, this was our first visit, we ordered a few dishes to kill our hunger. We ordered a sizzler, a Chinese soup and starter and a Lassi to quench the thirst.

Manchow SoupThe Vegetable Manchow Soup was served piping hot and the accompanying sauces were quite good.

Chilly Chicken dryThe Chilly Chicken Dry served on a bed of shredded cabbage and carrot looked appetising with the lot coloured diced peppers and onion. It had a perfect blend of all flavours and chicken chunks were succulent.

SizzlerThe sizzler we ordered was the Chicken Cutlet Sizzler. The diss was served piping hot on a metal platter. The dish had six medium sized Chicken Cutlets, french fries and a BBQ sauce. The Chicken Cutlets were deep fried and were rather bland for my taste. I wish they had made fresh cutlets with mince and herbs and grilled the patty instead of deep frying it. The accompanying french fries were not too crispy and looked like they just woke up from hibernation. Normally the sizzlers are accompanied with mash/rice/french fries with steamed or grilled vegetables. The lack of vegetables, definitely made this lacking in visual appeal and taste. In fact, this was faux sizzler with no sizzle!

I would still give this restaurant benefit of doubt. In my next visit, I am going to order a real sizzler from here.

With pleasant decor and good food at reasonable rates, this restaurant is worth a visit.


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