Noorjehan’s Hot Pan Restaurant

Noorjehan’s Hot Pan restaurant is one of the famous eating joints in Thrissur (or Trichur) if your are looking for non-vegetarian food. The restaurant, designed in contemporary lines had enough natural light flowing in to the dining area. We were fortunate to get a comfortable table within couple of minutes and since we were starving we ordered a soup and main courses.

SoupSaucesWe ordered a Chicken Hot and Sour Soup and though it had all the tastes intact, it was just okay.

Biryani 1The Malabar Mutton Biryani came heaped in a plate with poppodums, lime pickle and onion raita. The biryani with its whole spices was fragrant and the mutton pieces were perfectly cooked. I still think, this was not the best biryani I have tasted in Kerala.

Buff Pepper FryI also ordered a Beef Pepper Fry and I was little disappointed with this too. The beef cubes were fried too much that I could not taste the delicate meat or pepper with the usual curry leaves and coconut slivers.

Though Noorjehan’s Hot Pan restaurant offers an exciting menu, I missed the robustness of the traditional Kerala cooking at least in the dishes I ordered.


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