Mamagoto: Truly Pan Asian!

In the last few years, there has been a profusion of restaurants serving Pan Asian cuisine. Only a few are worth visiting, if you want satiate your taste buds with true flavours with a contemporary twist. Mamagoto in the capital is one among them.

PlateI visited the restaurant in the DLF Mall of India and it turned out to be one of the pleasant dining experiences. The interior with its abaci made of aluminum steamers and other knick-knacks is quite impressive.

SoupWe settled for Chinese Sour and Pepper Soup with 22 ingredients, Prawns Wrapped in Bacon, Mama’s Calamari, Egg Hakka Noodles and Crispy Fish fillet in a Spicy Black Pepper Sauce.

SaucesThe soup was delightful, though I could not identify most of the ingredients, which went into the making of soup. But the broth had a clean flavour with a perfect balance of tanginess and heat from the pepper.

CalamariThe Calamari was lightly coated with a crispy batter and each bite was chewy and yet soft. The calamari rings were served with green chili mayo sauce.

Prawns with BaconThe bacon wrapped prawns were sweet, soft in each bite and garnished with sesame seeds. This is wonderful starter if you like shellfish and pork.

FishThe Crispy Crispy Fish Gillet in a Spicy Black Pepper Sauce had fresh River Sole fillets coated in thick gravy, a perfect combo with hakka noodles. Fortunately, the flavours were mildly spicy and not sweet.

NoodlesMamagoto food offers and wide range of flavours, which I thoroughly savoured and the service was prompt and super efficient!


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