Hotel Select: Best in Wadakancherry

I was in Wadakancherry in Thrissur district recently. Wadakkanchery is in the heart of ‘pooram belt’. Pooram’s are the annual festivals in temples of central Kerala, especially the Uthraalikkaavu Pooram and Machad Thiruvanikaavu Vela.

Most of the shops and restaurants are in the heart of the town where the local bus stand is situated. While shopping for titbits (the town has a interesting bakeries and street food carts), we asked a local youngster for his recommendation for a lunch home. And he suggested we try Hotel Select.

Hotel Select is an unassuming place from outside, but offers decent air-conditioned dining area on the first floor.

We ordered a Malabar Porotta and Egg Masala, a Fish Fry and a Matka Chicken Biryani.

Fish FryThe Fish Fry had a slice of Aiyakoora (King Fish) fried to perfection served with onion rings and a lime wedge. The fish, though deep fried, was excellent and probably the best I had tasted in this trip. The waiter had promised me that I won’t be disappointed with this fish. And I didn’t!

PorottasThe flaky porottas (as they are called in Kerala) were perfectly seared and they were delicious on their own.

Egg MasalaThe Egg Masala (again recommended by our waiter) was a burst of flavours – a combination of local spices, curry leaves and green chillies – and absolutely delightful with the porotta.

Chicken BiryaniThe Chicken Biryani also did not disappoint. Tender pieces of chicken coated in spicy onion masala was at the heart of the rice mixture, which was perfectly cooked. The biryani was served with onion raita, lime pickle and traditional poppodums.

Our total bill amount was about Rs 400! And we did visit this restaurant again for dinner the very next day!


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