Ching Shihh: New in Noida

Interior 1My research shows that Madame Ching or Ching Shih was a pirate who terrorised China Sea in the early 19th Century. She was the most powerful and successful pirate in that part of the world. Is this restaurant named after this dreaded pirate? Probably. When you enter this restaurant (located in Logix Mall, Sector 34, Noida Delhi NCR), you are welcomed with a large wooden ship’s wheel, which actually rotates!

Table 1The restaurant has interesting decor and fairly comfortable seats.

Manchow SoupWe ordered a Veg Manchow Soup and it was served hot with crispy noodles. A dash of chopped broccoli livened up the soup and I also like the ceramic/stoneware in which the soup was served.

Chicken Sui MaiWe ordered two dumplings – Chicken Sui Mai and a Chicken and Chives Crystal Dumpling. Both had ample filling and were tasty. I though the crystal dumpling scored over the sui mai.

Chilly Garlic NoodlesFor the main course, we ordered a Egg Chilli Garlic Noodles and Stir Fried Diced Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce. The noodles, as the name indicates, was slightly spicy, yet tasty.

Diced chicken in garlic sauceThe Diced Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce was a delicious with perfectly cooked pieces chicken, bell peppers and onion in a thick sauce.

Excellent service, decent ambiance and good food. Worth another visit.


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