Amrik Sukhdev: Paranthas Galore!

If you drive from an hour from Delhi for about 60 kms, you will reach Sonipat in Haryana. Ignore the high-rise buildings and the campuses sprouting on either side of the GT Road, drive for another 13 kms you will reach Murthal. Here, instead of the high-rises, you can see dhabas on wither side of the highway.

I was driving to Shilon Bagh (a lovely hill station on Chail-Kufri Road in Himachal Pradesh), it was 8.30 a.m., and my breakfast time. I called my friend, who had mentioned Murthal once earlier, and he suggested that I try Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba. Amrik Sukhdev is not a dhaba in conventional sense. The modern building with a huge parking lot and water fountains in the front, reminds you of any hotel complex.

exterior 2This eatery was founded by Sardar Parkash Singh in 1956 mainly to cater to the needs of truck drivers. The dhaba was named after his two – Amrik Singh and Sukhdev Singh – who look after the establishment now. The dhaba which used to cater simple fare of dal roti, sabzi, and chawal served on charpais, offer pizza, pasta and Chinese besides the finger licking paranthas, which it is known for.

PicklesWe decided to get a table in the air-conditioned section. After a long wait for about 20 minutes, we managed to grab a decent table. Since, we were in the verge of starvation, we ordered a Aloo Pyaz Parantha and a Chole Bhature.

ParanthaThe order came fast. The piping hot tandoori paranta was served with a huge blob of white butter. The 8-inch paranta was was super fresh and butter delicious. The pickles on the table provided the spicy and tangy flavours.

Chole Bhatura 2The bhature were good. IBut, I thought the chole could be more creamier and less spicier. Accompanying the chole were couple of pirces of pickled potatoes and onoion rings. I definitely have eaten better Chole Bhature in Delhi.

CoffeeWe ordered a Panner Parantha and coffee. Again the parantha was one of the best, I have ever had. The paneer filling was fresh and creamy and moderately spiced.

Apart from the unruly crowd, who can get into your nerves at times, Amrik Sukhdev offers decent dining, washing area and a fair amount of recreation.

Since all the items in the menu are price between Rs 50 to Rs 200, it is great value for money and worth a drive, if want to get away from Delhi for a while!


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