Jom Jom Malay: Truly Malay!

Jom Jom Malay in Ansal Plaza in Andrews Ganj is the new restaurant in Delhi exclusively serving Malaysian cuisine. The restaurant name means ‘Let’s’ and does not indicate anything specific. It could be let’s have fun or let’s eat!
Interior 1
Located on the ground  floor, the restaurant is sparsely decorated, but with a Malaysian twist. At the entrance of the restaurant, you encounter a beca, a cycle rickshaw from this country. You can also see intricately designed moon-kites known as wan-bulan, which also one of the national symbols of Malaysia. On one wall there are a dozen of Wayang puppets which are traditionally used in a shadow play.
We visited Jom Jom Malay for lunch. We ordered a Hokkein Mee Goreng Prawns and a Lamb Redang with couple of Roti Canai. While we waited for food, our hostess got us a tray with chopped red and green chillies, slice onion, garlic and ginger, lemon wedges with salt, sugar and chilli oil. She told us we could make our own sambal with all these ingredients in the wooden mortar and pestle. But, she also gave us three kinds of ready made sambal, which were really mouthwatering to taste.
I managed to grind all these into a course paste, and  turned out to be a pungent and spicy sambal. By the time I finished this (it was fun!) our food arrived.
Noodles 2
The Hokkein Mee Goreng was served on a beautiful turquoise ceramic plate. The rice noodles with peppers, sprouts, green onions and prawns were topped with roasted sesame seeds and it was indeed a delightful sight. The dish was delicious and the portion served was adequate for two.
Lamb Redang
The Lamb Redang was presented, rather dramatically, with artificial smoke emanating from the container. The succulent boneless lamb pieces were perfectly cooked and the thick gravy had all the goodness of the ground spices. Redang uses coconut milk as a base to cook the meat and the spices and it imparts a wonderful textures and flavour to the dish.
Plate with food
The Roti Canai was similar to the Malabar Paratha we het in the South Indian restaurants. Though it is made of refined flour and oil, the roti was flaky and a good accompaniment to soak the lamb gravy in the dish.
Jom Jom Malay deserves full points for its food and service. I only missed having a chilled beer with this amazing food!


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