The Tea Room at Harrod’s London

exteriorFor couple of hours we were in Harrod’s and we decided to grab a quick bite from one of the restaurants here. We were wanting to eat in Pizzeria & Canti Prosecco Bar, famous for its Neapolitan chef Giuseppe Silvestri. But the waiting was too long and we headed to its neighbour The Tea Room.

A bright and cheerful The Tea Room on the second floor at the Harrods is one the place to enjoy an extensive menu of some of Harrods’ finest teas. The West-London menu, features quintessentially English line-up of mouth-watering fare. From The Brompton breakfast to The London Particular and The Chelsea, the Tea Room is open for breakfast, lunch and supper and includes a range of dishes, from light snacks such as Welsh rarebit and open smoked and poached salmon sandwich to fuller meals of traditional fish pie and British sausages. You can also end your meal with their delightful sweet delights, the Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt being one of the favourites.

grilled-tomatoWe ordered a Stuffed Tomato with aubergine caponata on spinach polenta, Chicken and Tarragon Pie with baby onions, button mushrooms, smoked bacon and greens and a Black Forest Tart with some Cappucino, Latte and Macchiato.The Stuffed Tomato turned to be delightful dish in presentation and taste. The Sicilian caponata was beautiful and tasted fantastic with the tomato. The spinach polenta was rich and creamy and had slight hint on spinach. Garnished with edible pansies this dish was all red, yellow, blue and green. A real treat for the eyes!

chicken-pieThe pie, which was served with snow peas on the side, also was a filling dish.

chocolateThe Black Forest Tart turned to be a work of art. It had chocolate sablee pastry (made with butter, flour or powdered almonds, butter, egg, sugar and flavored with vanilla) filled with griottine cherry compote, topped with kirsch (brandy distilled from the fermented juice of cherries) cream and Harrods No 1 chocolate mouse. The explosion of various flavours, when you put a piece of this tart in the mouth is amazing!

table-2Do try this restaurant if you are in Harrods. Apart from the wonderful teas, they also serve Harrods Lager for BGP 7.50!



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