Dhaba at Atta: A Kitschy Affair

interior-0Dhaba at Atta, like the name suggests, has all the ingredients to make its decor quirky – front portion of a truck with Sunny Deol inside, registration number plates, miniature vehicles, cycle rims instead of the chandelier, a map of Uttar Pradesh made of computer waste, posters, a faux panwala corner to name a few.

The end result is kitschy and a not very innovative design as far as interiors go.

We started with Bunta Lime Soda, which was quite neat. We ordered Dhaba Meat, Keema Kaleji, Dal Makhni (a staple) with some Rotis, Butter Naan and Laccha Phirni Paratha.

gulab-jamunWe also ordered a portion of Gulab Jamun with ice cream. Food was clean and good, but nothing extraordinary.

billA better curated atmosphere and menu will certainly help this restaurant in the long run. For this one, it is 3.5/5 from me.



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