Singh Sahib: Pure Punjabi

interior-0Singh Sahib at the Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, is where we headed to for dinner yesterday. Singh Sahib serves authentic Punjabi food and is favourite destinations in the capital city. In fact, I enjoy this cuisine more than the Mughlai one for its simplicity and rich flavours of Indian spices. I have tried a variety of dishes here in the last 10 years or so and I love their mutton preparations and biryani.

table-1Yesterday we ordered a melange of dishes and here they are.

picklesOn the table, you get three type of pickles – the sweet pickle, Murabba, a garlic pickle and mango pickle, which were very fresh. We were also served Roasted Pappad with a green Coriander Chutney.

veg-curryDhingri Kofta had spinach and cheese koftas stuffed with mushroom and simmered in a rich tomato gravy and the texture of gravy was excellent and it tasted perfect with the Butter Naan.

chicken-curryThe Patiala Shahi Chicken Curry had four pieces of chicken cooked in a variety of spices and almost close to a home made chicken curry. I only wish the pieces were substantial.

muttonThe best dish from what we ordered was the Nalli Ghost. This dish had four baby lamb shanks, simmered in stock flavoured with black pepper. The lamb was cooked to perfection and the gravy was rich and thick. A absolute must, if you are visiting Singh Sahib.

dalThe Maah ki Daal, as usual, was well cooked and enriched with cream, to give it a silken texture.

naanWe tried all these dishes with assorted breads – Roti, Paratha and Butter Naan – which probably were the best, I have eaten in recent times. I only wish they had served some pickled baby onions and green chilies to balance the sweetness of the gravy dishes.

fruit-overload-icecreamWe also had a Chocolate Truffle Cake with Fruit Overload Ice Cream, which were delicious. A great way to round off a meal.

interior-2Singh Sahib offers great food, ambiance and impeccable service to make your dining an unforgettable experience.


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