Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu

Interior 1As part of Dinefest, we headed towards Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu for a authentic Parsi bhonu (meal). This restaurant has earned its laurels in serving the traditional food of Zoroastrian Parsis of India. Parsi cuisine in India has its roots in Gujarati and Goan cuisine and I fondly remember my days in Bombay, where I would visit the Stadium Restaurant near Churchgate for its famous Keema Pao and Chai.

CrackersWe were served with two types of sabudana crackers on the house on arrival.

Fresh Lime 2From the starters list, we ordered Kolmi Fry and the famous Paatra ni Macchi. The spiced Kolmi (Prawns) coated with rawa and deep fried was indeed succulent and tasty. It was served with a sweet coriander mint chutney. The Paatra ni Macchi had Tilapia fish in sweet, sour and spicy mint-coriander chutney and steamed in a banana lead parcel. I would have preferred pomfret or sole fillets instead of Tilapia in this dish. But, this was cooked to perfection.

Kolmi fryPatrani Machi.jpgFor the main course, we ordered a Kolmi no Pulao and Dhansak Mutton served with Keema Kebabs. The Dhansak dis was served with spiced masala dal and vegetables, served with caramelised rice and a side of vinegared Kachumber with mutton mince kebabs. The spicy prawn pulao, I think tasted better, among the two dishes.

MeatballsKolmi PuloaAlong with the rice dishes, we also ordered Gos nu Achaar (mutton pickle in sesame oil) and Kolmi nu Achaar (Spiced shrimps and garlic pickle) which had a distinct taste and was different from any meat pickle I had tasted before.

Kolmi AcharWe also ordered a Malai na Parantha which was delicious.

Lachanu CustardFor dessert, we ordered a portion of the famous Parsi Caramel pudding and Lagan nu Custard. The Caramel Custard was superb and Lagan nu custard, which was baked egg custard with nuts and raisins had a hint of nutmeg, which I loved.

Caramel Custard Though I prefer slightly spicy food, this Parsi bhonu was refreshing and different.

An extra 0.5 point is for the fantastic service and ambiance.


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