Hornbill: Biting the Raja Mircha

I visited this restaurant about six months ago and I am sharing it today with you for two reasons – first, anybody who thought that the cuisine from north-eastern part of India is boring would stand corrected and second, the deadly Raja Mircha is amazing to taste and with pork it is indeed a great combination.

This was my first visit to Humayunpur which is near Safdurjung Enclave. Hornbill is right behind the NCC compound and easy to locate.

Hornbill offers a limited menu, predominantly containing pork and chicken dishes.

12We ordered a Smoked Pork Thali, a Chicken Thali, Chicken with Bamboo Shoots and Raja Mircha, Tomato Dry Fish Chutney, the Spicy Michinga Chutney with Raja Mircha (Bhut Jolokia) and couple of plates of steam rice.

The thali came with daal and steam rice served with a large portion of steamed cabbage. All the dishes were served in wooden plates and bowls, which was quite different.

8The smoked pork curry was excellent – well cooked and nicely spiced up. It was high on taste quotient.

9The chicken with bamboo shoots also was quite spicy. But, they tasted good with the steam rice and boiled cabbage.

10Both the chutneys were high on Scoville scale. Actually, they were quite hot and fiery with Raja Mircha. The taste of the chilly lingers for some time, but it did not cause any unpleasantness. In fact, I loved it!

This was my first encounter with Naga cuisine. And I loved it.


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