The Town House Cafe: CP Rendezvous

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Yesterday, we went to The Town House Cafe for few drinks and snacks. What impresses you first is the decor of the restaurant. It occupies a fairly large area with different seating arrangement, so that you or if you are in a group get your own private space. The main seating area with live performances is designed like a chapel or mini medieval castle with high stool seating.

Though, little uncomfortable to sit for long hours, we decided to sit here to catch the live performance.

SoupWe ordered a Non Veg Dumpling Soup, Citrus Paprika Prawns, Chicken Chatkara and Shish Taouk with a pitcher of tap beer. The Dumpling Soup portion was quite small, but tasted nice.

The Citrus Paprika Prawns were served lettuce and nachos and the quantity was quite good. The flavours were intact, though the prawns were little rubbery (little overcooked or frozen prawns!). But, the citrus and paprika flavours went well with the prawns.

Chicken TikkaThe Chicken Chatkara had chicken cubes marinated in yellow chilli powder and spices cooked in a tandoor and was served with green coriander chutney and spiced onion rings.

Lebanse PlatterBut the Lebanese Shish Taouk was the star of the day. This dish had two skewers of succulent chicken cubes marinated in Lebanese spices and grilled to perfection. It was served with pickled vegetables, onion rings, hummus, garlic dip and pita bread. I enjoyed the presentation and taste of this dish.

Couple of recommendations – one could add more colours (red, yellow, green) to the dish and the ceramic plates in which they serve the dishes are fairly boring. Maybe if they served the same dishes in dark coloured stoneware, they have looked more presentable.


My rating is really not based on the food. It is in fact based on the ambiance, great music and fantastic service which The Town House Cafe offers. Had a great time!


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