Naivedyam: Heading Southwards

We had lunch in Naivedyam in Sector 63, Noida, recently. This restaurant is on the first floor and is quite a large place with ample lighting, sober decor and decent interesting menu.

6Before we placed the order, we were served a glass of spicy butter milk on the house. This was a great coolant and an appetizer.

9We ordered a Tangam Paper Masala Dosa and a Bisi Bele Bath. The Tangam Paper Masala Dosa is over a foot long, stuffed with a mildly spicy potato subji, served with coconut chutney, tomato onion chutney and sambar. I found the tomato onion chutney a tad sweet. The dosa, as promised was crispy and tasty with the chutneys and sambar.

8Now, Bisi Bele Bath is a Kannadiga specialty and one of my favourite dishes from Karnataka, the others being Mysore Pak and Pineapple Seera (both available at this restaurant). The concoction of rice, lentils, vegetables and mild spices, makes this dish absolutely mouth-watering. Bisi Bele Bath was served with a crispy pappad, chutney’s and sambar.

11Then we ordered a Kerala Porotta (as they call it) with Vegetable Korma and a Mysore Masala Dosa. The flaky Kerala Porotta was a dynamite with the spicy vegetable korma. The South Indian kormas are entirely different from the korma you get from Lucknow. Here the vegetables are boiled with spices and coconut milk and this korma is always a delight to eat with appams, porotta, chapati or set dosas.

12The filter coffee, we ordered, was again one of the best coffee I had in the recent past. Great experience, if are into South Indian vegetarian fare.

This two decade old restaurant has now six outlets in Delhi NCR. If your near one of them, don’t give it a miss.


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