Zizo: Unique and Different

This review is couple of months old. Dinner at Zizo and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. We were at Zizo’s by 8.00 pm since we wanted to have an early dinner. We ordered our drinks and settled in.

6We were given a complimentary starter of Roasted Pita Strips with a cucumber, onion, curd dip.

7We ordered Hummus Ras Asfour which is traditional hummus topped with chicken with sumac and pomegranate butter sauce. This came with fluffy pita breads and I must admit that these were the best pita breads, I have ever tasted. The hummus was divine and I loved the tangy and buttery sauce. We were also given a garlic dip to taste. This had garlic, olive oil and curd whisked into a smooth, velvety, dip.

10This dip was good with the Rolled Grilled Lamb Kebab which came next. The roll was served with onion salad, sumac, pickled vegetables and hummus. I liked the pickled veggies which were crunchy and tangy at the same time.

11The last dish we ordered was Moroccan Tajine Chicken which was slow cooked veggies with aromatic saffron broth served with fluffy couscous. This dish predominantly tasted of lemon, herbs, garlic and olive oil and I only wish it was served in a Tajine, which would have been a great visual treat.

Dining at Zizo is a wonderful experience – for the food and enthusiastic staff. Try this restaurant, if you want a unique dining experience.


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