Republic of Noodles: Pan Asian Treat

During my recent visit to Jaipur, I visited Republic of Noodles, which has high rating on Zomato. Located on the second floor of Lemon Tree Premier at Bani Park, this restaurant makes a trio with the bar, Slounge, and Cirus Cafe, a multi-cuisine restaurant on the same floor.

Republic of Noodles is brightly decorated in red and black and the ambiance is quite nice and inviting. But the excess usage of plastic bamboo and floors could have been avoided, since it does not add any value to the decor.

Crispy ChickenWe ordered few beers to cool ourselves and a Crispy Chicken with Roasted Chilli Paste. The presentation of the dish was nice and the chicken, as the name suggested, was quite crispy, little spicy and sweet.

LichiWe were also served Pickled Veggies, three kind of sauces (mostly hot and sweet), and lychee with chilli flakes (I forget the name. This was on the house) which was quite nice to start your meal with.

Thai Chilly Basil NoodlesWe ordered Thai Chilly Basil Noodles with garlic, vegetables and chicken and Prawn Fried Rice with Malaysian Sambal Belacan. The sambal belacan is as essential ingredient and building block for many Malay dishes and the fried rice had a nice flavour because of this paste. There were two large prawn crackers to garnish the rice. The portions of both the dishes were good and meal was refreshingly different.

PlateIf you are expecting regular Chinese dishes in this restaurant, you may be disappointed. You may not get your Spicy Chilli Potatoes and Chicken Manchurian here. Because this is truly a Pan Asian restaurant serving food from Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia! Try their claypot dishes, if you are truly a food aficionado. You may love it!


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