Copper Chimney: Old is Gold

I have dined in Copper Chimney almost every time I have visited Jaipur. Difficult to miss, it is located bang opposite GPO on MI Road in Jaipur.

Since we were almost starving, we straightaway ordered the main course – Laal Maas, Yellow Daal Tadka, Aloo Gobi, Raita, Tandoori Roti and Rice. The Laal Maas with its rustic style cooking with whole spices is one of my favourite mutton preparations and the mutton was perfectly cooked. The dish may look fiery with its reddish colour, but the heat is considerably toned down in the dishes which restaurants serve. The other mutton dish from Rajasthan, which I like is the Junglee Maas, which is quite high on the Scoville scale.The Yellow Daal Tadka was also cooked well and was a good combination with hot Tandoori Roti.

Aloo GobiThe Aloo Gobi was also freshly prepared, but I thought the cauliflower was a tad under cooked. As in all restaurant preparations, the oil or ghee is little excess here in all the dishes.

PaanWe were also served with meetha paan after the meal, which was a treat unexpected.

Interior 1The restaurant is showing its age now and it needs a facelift to make it warm and inviting. But the excellent food and service compensates for this.


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