Yellow Brick Road at Taj Vivanta

A meal in Yellow Brick Road is always a memorable one. I quite enjoy this place for its retro look and hand painted walls, though they have not tampered it for over years. So, was today’s breakfast in this restaurant. I have been visiting this restaurant since its inception and l have awlays enjoyed their menu – their railway cutlets, Mutton Curry with Rice, Grilled Fish and their Mud Pie!

We opted for a buffet breakfast and we found that there was wide selection of Indian dishes – both south and north Indian – and continental dishes to choose from. The Indian selection had a variety of dosas, uthapams, idli, semiya upma, vada, parathas, cheela and freshly cut fruits. The continental offers you cereals, juices, croissants, muffins, doughnuts, eggs, chicken sausages, bacon, sweet potato mash, grilled tomatoes, a small variety of cold cuts and cheese. There are also a variety of desserts for the ones with sweet tooth.

The eggs made to order were excellent ad so were the freshly baked breads. The bacon and sausage were also good. But, my recommendation is to order freshly done bacon and sausages, than the cold ones on display.

23The South Indian dishes were good, especially the vada, chutneys and sambar. The Masala Dosa, I ordered, was just okay, and lacked authentic south Indian taste. So was the filter coffee. But, surprisngly the chutneys and sambar were right on the spot on taste.

Overall, a great place to relax and eat for the ambiance and great service they offer!


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