Appus Hotel: Little Kerala in INA Market

I visited Appus Hotel in INA Market for lunch. To my surprise, I found that they have spruced up their decor and now claim to a have an air conditioned dining area on the second floor. I decided to sit outside under the ceiling fan.

I saw a board on display saying that Karimeen is available. Karimeen, or Pearl Spot as it is called in English, is found in the backwaters of central Kerala and a delicacy. A very thorny fish, the fish is normally cooked a variety of ways including frying, steaming and made into delicate curries. To my disappointment, I found that the fish was over!

The lunchI ordered a Buff Fry with Malabar Porotttas (as they call it). I was given a small bowl of gravy to soak the porottas. The porottas were quite fluffy, but thin. The fry had very unevenly cut pieces of meat, and the dish was crispy with curry leaves and oinion rings and had all the flavours of Kerala. But few pieces of fat and the after taste of the dish was a put off for me.

Vada plateI also packed few Uzhunnu Vadas (the normal vadas as you may call in Delhi) and Parippu Vads (dal vadas). All this came at a nominal price of Rs 210!

PS: I have been visiting this small restaurant over the last 10 years or so. I have definitely tasted better food here. Their thalis and biryanis are quite good.


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