Our Story Bistro & Tea Room: Cool and Comfy

Our Story Bistro & Tea Room is all about great ambiance and good food.

Spread across two floors in Sector 18 market, Noida, this few months old joint has cozy interiors and lots of books on their shelves and interesting toys and games to keep the little ones engaged. You instantly connect with the place since it is quite homely.We visited this bistro for the second time recently. We ordered a Bunny Chow, Oven Roasted Half Chicken with Jacket Potato and Sour Cream and a Cold Americano for a quick dinner (it was late).

5The cold Americano which was served in jar is an excellent drink for summers.

6A traditional bunny chow (or simply ‘bunny’ in Durban, South Africa, where the dish originated) fuses Indian and African influences is made with mutton, chicken, mince, lamb or kidney beans. The loaf is crusty enough to hold the saucy filling in a parcel, and the bread from the centre is placed on top to keep the curry warm and provide diners with something to scoop with. The dish fuses Indian and African influences. One theory is that the plantation workers began to use a sturdy bread loaf to transport curry to the plantations to eat during the day. Cheap, tasty and filling, bunny chow is one of the most popular takeaway meals in its home city now.

Bunny Chow served here, as expected, was brilliant. The bread was toasted slightly with crisp edges and the chicken inside was creamy and quite flavourful. This was served with green coriander chutney and salsa. It is a great dish to start your meal here.

7The presentation of Oven Roasted Half Chicken with Jacket Potato and Sour Cream was also nice. The plate looked colourful with the roasted chicken, white sour cream and orange and green of carrots, zucchini, beans and broccoli. I only wish they had served chicken breast and leg pieces instead of half the chicken. The problem with half the chicken is that all these different cuts of chicken does not roast evenly and they also taste different.

In my first visit to this bistro, we had tried Grilled Fish Fingers with Garlic Aioli and Chilli Garlic Prawns. For the main course we had ordered two diverse dishes – Mutton Pepper Fry with Lemon Rice and a custom made Pizza Pepperoni with Chicken Ham. We had loved all these dishes. The service and presentation were good and still remains so.

Visit this bistro for their lip-smacking preparations. This restaurant deserves a 4.5/5 !


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