Captain’s Café: Gwalior’s Own Vintage Café

I was on a visit to Gwalior recently. On Sunday, I happened to be near Athena complex in the city centre near Jiwaji University campus and I saw this new café called Captain’s café. It was evening and the café was packed. The very next day I decided to have lunch here.

ABThe café is on the ground floor of Athena and adjoining the English pub – 10 Downing Street. Captain’s Café has enough natural light pouring in because of the two huge glass walls and its interior are warmly decorated. I was told by the staff that the owner of the café – Shakti Singh Chauhan – himself has done the interior of the place. Keeping true to its essence – of vintage café – this joint has comfortable sofas and tables for you to relax. Also the music is great!

DEThe walls and ceiling here are printed comic strips on fabric and posters from old Hollywood blockbusters like the Scarface, Casablanca, Goldfinger, Rocky and the good old Godfather.

COne can also see models vintage biplanes, cars and bikes adorning the walls. Behind the counter there is a huge black board where your favourite food items are drawn or scribbled with a chalk.

FThe menu of Captain’s Café is designed like a tabloid newspaper and is well balanced and there is something for everyone.I ordered a Fresh Lime Soda which was served in an interesting glass jar.

GI ordered a portion of Chicken Cutlets to keep my tummy light. The cutlets, served with tartar sauce, tasted of fresh herbs and were delicious.

HMy companion ordered a Grilled Chicken with Sautéed Vegetables (we avoided the fries which came with the dish) and a cappuccino. Though the portion of the grilled chicken was small, the dish was well prepared and was served with sautéed long beans, carrots, cauliflower florets and garlic bread. The coffee was excellent.

The dishes in the restaurant were moderately priced and my bill was just under Rs 700. Now, that’s a steal! I would go with 4.5/5 for this vintage café.

If you are in Gwalior, do not miss Captain’s Café.


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  1. The best vintage cafẽ and first of its kind in gwalior….the best place to hangout with ur loved ones..!!!


    1. ANOOP KAMATH says:

      Yes of course! I loved the experience.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. ANOOP KAMATH says:

      Are there any other places of interest (restaurants) in Gwalior?


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